Concert Beyonce in Moscow

Concert Beyonce in Moscow

The concert, that was given by American singer Beyonce, took place in sport complex “Olimpijskij” on 17 October. The R&B-beauty’s performance in Moscow became the first in her European tour “The Beyonce Experience”. It was held to support Beyonce’s last album “B-day”. A good part of Russian artists sat in the vip-pit, the now and former participants of “The Star-Factory” posed before cameras with great pleasure. Dmittrij Malikov and his spouse smiled kindly. The stands were full of girls who did their best to imitate Beyonce. They wore shoes on high heels, dresses and a great number of “jewels”.

The concert began an hour later, it was explained that the singer had stuck in awful traffic jams. Finally, fireworks burst out and Miss Noles in long silver dress appeared before the audience.

The first song from the track list was her first hit “Crazy in Love” in the middle of which the public was unexpectedly struck by insertion of the famous “Crazy” (Gnarls Barkley). A large screen hang behind the artist and the group, consisted of girls only, danced on a big lighted tribune. As it was promised, the singer took with her a rather imposing team – drummers, back-vocal, a guitarist, dancers and a bassist. While the singer was changing her clothes for the 1st time, the audience listened to saxophone- and drummers-solo. One of the girls played with her eyes bound.

Beyonce appeared on stage wearing a short blouse and a skirt. From the first notes of the “Baby-Boy” the public burst out screaming. As it was in the video clip of this song, Noles danced wonderful belly-dance. Some eastern hints could be noticed in the “Beautiful Liar” in which Shakira’s part was showed on the screen. Then she sang the “Naughty girl” and it made the audience clap hands loudly and scream of delight. The last song was “Me, Myself and I” and she changed clothes again after it. Meanwhile, “Olimpijskij” was amused by the pianist of Asiatic appearance who played “Polet Shmelja”. As the singer changed her costume into a long playing dress, she sang “Flaws and All” at the end of which a dancing angel appeared on the stage and embraced Beyonce with the wings.

Music changed a bit, the “Pink Panther” started, it changed into hip-hop mix and a real break-dance-battle. Then it was the perfomance of the hit “Independent Woman” and Beyonce- in a little silver dress.

But after the song at once she got rid of it, & “Bootylicious” in a shining combidress. Suddenly the singer asked to stop the music and turned to the audience: “It took so much time to get here, can’t you be a little louder?!” Thousands of girls showed in reply the level of scream they can reach. Beyonce was quite satisfied with that and continued the concert singing such energetic tracks as “Say My Name” and “Survivor”. Singing the latter one she gesticulated with her fist and called all women to struggle for themselves. The artist rested for a while her dancers were amused the public with their dance from the “Chicago” musical. A long red coat on Beyonce made everybody understand that the next songs would be “Ring the Alarm”, “Suga Mama”, “Check On It”, “Deja Vu” that were sung with no stop. The singer kept the same tempo, it seemed she was not tired at all.

The performance ended on smart notes in the style of Hollywood: Wearing a long silver dress Beyonce sang the compositions from the film “Dreamgirls” in which she had one of main roles. At last she asked whether anybody had the birthday at that day and presented “Happy Birthday” to these luckies. Judging by the reaction of the crowd that fell out of the doors of “Olimpijskij”, the concert was a real fest for everyone.

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