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Бейонсе не может забеременеть – Woman Journal

Woman Journal Бейонсене может забеременетьWoman JournalЗнаменитости мирового масштаба регулярно становятся жертвами сплетен о беременности, разводах или изменах. Особенно, если они сами подогревают слухи с помощью двусмысленных намеков и фотографий. Например, как это делала Бейонсе, регулярно намекая на то, что она … More: continued here

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Women Like Beyonce & Men Like Katy Perry, Spotify Finds – Billboard

Billboard Women Like Beyonce& Men Like Katy Perry, Spotify FindsBillboardThere's a lot of feminist and female empowerment messages in Beyonce's album Beyoncé, with tracks like "Flawless" and "Pretty Hurts." That may help explain why Beyonce is the most listened-to female artist among female listeners on Spotify. The digital …Rihanna Most Streamed …

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Poverty is sexist: leading women sign up for global equality – The Guardian

The Guardian Poverty is sexist: leading women sign up for global equalityThe GuardianPoverty, says a group of internationally famous and important women today, is sexist. Actors Meryl Streep and Rosamund Pike, Facebook executive Sheryl Sandberg, arts director Jude Kelly, entertainers Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Angelique Kidjo and Sarah … More: continued …

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Beck’s Dad Worked On Beyonce’s 2006 Album, And Basically All Your Other … – Huffington Post

Daily Mail Beck's Dad Worked On Beyonce's 2006 Album, And Basically All Your Other …Huffington PostBeck and Beyoncé have more in common than just Kanye West. As Redditor Sitdownyo pointed out, Beck's father, David Campbell, worked on Beyonce's"B'Day." Campbell is credited for string arrangement and conducting on the 2006 Grammy-winning …Beck …

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