2010 MTV Music Video: Beyoncé struggling in Best Pop Video category

2010 MTV Music Video: Beyoncé struggling in Best Pop Video category

Beyoncé has six nominations for the 2010 MTV Music Video Awards. This year she is linked directly to Lady Gaga as all of her nominations are either for her collaboration with Gaga on Telephone or Gaga collaborating with her on Video Phone. The two face-off head-to-head in the Best Pop Video category with Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance being the overwhelming favorite. Odds Makers have Beyonce and her video for Video Phone in the middle of the pack. Could she win? Anything is possible, but it is not very likely.

The MTV VMA‘s love Beyoncé. As a solo act and as a member of Destiny’s Child she has won several awards and as performed on the VMA‘s multiple times. She is an MTV mainstay and has been ever since her arrival on the scene. Last year Beyonce showed off her classy side during the entire Kanye West/Taylor Swift debacle. For those who were living under a rock at the time, Taylor Swift won an award in a category that Beyonce was also nominated in. During her acceptance speech Kanye West jumped on stage, grabbed the microphone and announced that he was happy for Taylor, but that Beyonce had one of the best video’s of all time. He handed the microphone back to a visibly shaken Taylor Swift who really couldn’t recover from that. Later in the night when Beyonce won an award she called Swift back on stage and let her finish her speech. It was a great moment as a VMA vet let the new kid back up to finish her celebration.

Even with all the love MTV has for Beyonce I can’t see her winning the VMA for Best Pop Video. Her video has everything you would normally want in a pop video nominee. It is sexy, has a good beat and it features Lady Gaga in a cameo. That said, it simply doesn’t compare to Bad Romance and California Gurls. Best Pop Video is basically a two horse race with everyone else, including Beyonce, along for the ride.

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