Beyonce’s new CD “4″ is number 1

Beyonce’s new CD “4″ is number 1

Beyonce‘s “4″ album debuts at Number 1 this week with around 300,000 copies sold. It’s a good but not great debut for “4″ considering its predecessor sold 480,000 copies a year and a half ago.

The lower number is surely an indication of how the record biz has dwindled over the same period of time. It’s also about Beyonce not having a great single from this album. On the last one, “I Am… Sasha Fierce,” she had a breakout hit with “Single Ladies.” Even the video was parodied. “4″ doesn’t have that single so far, although does have a few misses.

I have to think that Beyonce’s forceful appearance on “Good Morning America” last Friday helped her a lot. She sang live, looked like a million bucks, and really went for it. All current performers should take notes. When Beyonce is on, she is worth her weight in gold bullion. It’s instructive to note that at same time Beyonce was roaring across the “GMA” set in Central Park, rapper Pitbull was featured on the “Today” show. He wasn’t very good, and his sales actuall went down. He’s dropped from number 7 to 15.

This was a rare “Today” misstep. This Friday, country singer Blake Shelton comes to “Today,” which should be a hit. The following Friday is Chris Brown–yikes, what are they thinking? Meanwhile, Adele gets kicked to Number 2 this week; she’s still rolling deep in green. Lady Gaga drifts out of the top 10 and into oblivion.

Beyonce brings her new album to the masses: Watch her behind the scenes and performing to a packed Central Park

he high of selling millions of albums, headlining a massive tour, and basically being a worldwide ambassador of girl power requires a major force to come down from. Last year, it took an ocean’s waves to wash away Beyoncé’s larger-than-life alter ego, Sasha Fierce.

“The ocean makes me feel really small,” she says at the top of her MTV special Beyoncé: Year of 4–which aired last night. “It makes me put my whole life in to perspective. I’m this little piece of this huge earth. It humbles you and it grounds you.”

Like she says in the Target ad for her new album, she spent 2010 off the stage and in the audience. In Year of 4, we get to see some of the other stuff she did during her time away from the spotlight.

Most folks spend their vacations at beach houses to chill. Not this chick. Beyoncé does stuff like slide down the Great Wall of China and scuba dive in the Red Sea.

Catch footage of that as well as clips of her creating 4, picking the album’s cuts alongside hubby Jay-Z, and learning the bonkers choreography for its lead single “Run the World (Girls)” here:

Now that Queen B is back and buzzing, she’s in heavy promo mode and made a grand return to morning TV today by performing for ABC’s Good Morning America. Check out her go at “1 + 1″ below.

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You all should learn how to congratulate instead trying to find something to insult. There are no conjuctionss needed. She got #1 ith 4 period. Beyonce is so positive,beautiful and talented. PLus she knows what she is cabable of doing. Also in case you are really as mystified as you proclaim to be as to why her sales are different than I AM Sasha sales. First the time of the year for to produce those numbers are nearer to Christmas. HOwever, te biggest thing that affected her sales is an idiot who tried to sabotage her with a leaked CD in it’s entirety. Beyonce is back with a purpose. Last night NBC’s annual Fourth of July fireworks special — featuring a performance by Beyoncé — scored its biggest overall audience in more than a decade and its best adults 18-49 numbers in four years, leading the network to a victory Monday night. NBC drew 6.3 million viewers. Congratulations to Beyonce for showing she still matters. Haters you may take a bow, now! Ha Ha Ha. Love her so much. Her new album is great. Love the direction she took 4.


Beyonce has definitely matured over the years and I think she finally wanted to show people that she’s not just some little pop singer who constantly looks for top 40 hits. I’m glad she didn’t do a pop record. This just might be my moment to give Beyonce her props. I often wondered why there was so much hype about her even after I watched her tour performances. I just wasn’t impressed by what she was doing, but maybe that will change this time around. I really use to adore Beyonce pre-Bday and Sasha Fierce. I hope I can get back to that.


I have not bought 4, but I have listened to it online. I am surprised that I like it as much as I do. Its much more soulful and much less poppy than any of her previous albums, IMO. Its probably the strongest set of songs she’s recorded, even if there aren’t obvious major hits on it. Whether it blows up or not, I think its a good album for her artistic maturity.