Beyonce suns herself in Monaco

Beyonce suns herself in Monaco

Bikini Bod on a Yacht!

Must be a hard life when you're one half of a multi-million dollar earning couple. Beyonce took a break from counting all that money to relax in the French Riviera.

The RnB diva appeared to have a bit of a slip up when she was sunbathing on board a yacht in a skimpy bikini.

But I got my photo boffins on the case, and a closer inspection revealed her pendant had perched itself in a misleading place on the singer's chest.

Beyonce and her fella JAY-Z set off for a life on the ocean waves earlier this week.

Bey plays peek-a-boob

Beyonce and JAY-Z are making the most of their holibags. After visiting Portofino in Italy last week, the singer and Jigga Man have moved on to France. The super-couple were spotted exploring an island off Cannes yesterday.

Their lengthy trip must have required a lot of luggage, although the rapper couldn't have packed half as much as his missus.

He's happy with shorts and a T-shirt while Bey, sporting a low-cut playsuit, is loaded with jewellery and stuff.

She obviously didn't have any room in her cases for a bra, though.

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