Party in the Park

Party in the Park

Three-minute pop songs triumph again

Beyoncé Knowles singer from Destiny's Child performing on stage at the Capital FM Party in the Park for the Prince's Trust

Party in the Park, the capital's annual pop roundabout, is an event that reminds you of the importance of a three-minute pop song.

Thanks to continual radio rotation the 100,000-strong crowd are word perfect and the prospect of seeing in the flesh those flawless features normally restricted to glossy videos, lends the atmosphere a palpable fizz.

David, like the majority of acts today, sings live, which may follow criticism levelled at the event in previous years, but also testifies to the high standard of performers. Destiny's Child light up the stage not just with their pyrotechnics and glittery, fringed pink outfits but with voices so strong they barely need mikes. Beyoncé Knowles works the stage with strident, butt-shaking moves, whereas fellow pop princesses Atomic Kitten act coquettish and the Sugababes seem terrified but sweet.

JULY 2001 To perform at London’s Capital FM Party in the Park, she wore her hair in waist-length blonde curls

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